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Since 2015, C&K Decoration LTD. has been your main partner in any renovation or construction project. Our goal is to deliver your project on time and on budget, exceeding your expectations in terms of communication, project management and commitment to high quality installations. Our reputation is built on the same guiding principles as all C&K Decoration LTD. companies; dedicated to serving our customers. We specialize in providing the best building fitout in the industry, the most efficient and proactive project management team, and quality installation services at competitive prices. Our team of designers, estimators, project managers and installers collectively want every project to exceed client expectations. C&K Decoration LTD. is designed to serve engineers and building owners and managers in Ontario, Quebec, the growing renovation and construction market. C&K Decoration LTD. has emergency repair services in Ontario and Quebec. We can arrive at the scene as soon as 1 hour, and we have the most complete team to deal with all kinds of things that may happen. C&K Decoration LTD. has more than 20 direct employees and dozens of subcontractors. Each of them are highly trained technicians, including manager level, who may answer any technical questions you may have about decoration, as well as building regulations. This ensures the safety of your home and property. Most importantly, C&K Decoration LTD. ensures that you still have a personal touch with our unwavering commitment to excellent customer service. We partner with one point of contact and a no-voicemail policy to ensure you get a live representative every time. We offer 24/7 emergency services with unparalleled response times and timely reporting of our findings. Our investments in training and technology allow us to provide cutting-edge services in a convenient manner. Get all the benefits of a big company with the simplicity and satisfaction of working with a dedicated partner.